Tim Cook Celebrates Pride Festival in San Francisco

Tim Cook was spotted attending the Pride Festival in San Francisco. The news was made public after the famous CEO of Apple was “outed” during a television show. 

Tim Cook seemed very happy attending the Pride Festival in San Francisco. The appearance of the star at this festival was naturally quite curious. Still, Tim Cook looked very relaxed as he posed with Apple employees and tweeted to show his support for this campaign. 

Tim Cook has never talked about claims and reports revealing that he might be gay. So, the CEO of Apple never admitted or denied the rumors on his sexuality. Rumors on his sexual orientation have always been filled by the fact that Cook refused to talk about his personal life and different aspects that can be linked to it. 

The man who outed Cook as gay is Simon Hobbs, who claimed on Friday that “Tim Cook is fairly open about the fact he’s gay.” Naturally, the revelation was considered quite shocking, while the guest at the show, James R Stewart, refused to comment on this mistake. Following the show, a series of discussions occurred on the sexuality of Tim Cook. 

Hobbs said to be extremely sorry for the mistake and claimed that he had absolutely no intentions to reveal anything. He just accidentally said that Cook is openly gay. After saying that “I think Tim Cook is fairly open about the fact he’s gay at the head of Apple, isn’t he?”, Hobbs tried to make things better. “Oh, dear, was that an error? I thought he was open about it,” he said. 

Well, what is certain is that Tim Cook just wants to keep such aspects on his personal life just for himself, no matter if these rumors are true or not. 

“Apple believes equality and diversity make us stronger, and we’re proud to support our employees and their friends and families in this weekend’s celebration,” a statement from Apple indicated. Probably, these values made no less than 4,000 people who work for Apple, as well as their family members, to attend the festival. 

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