Tim Cook Admits that Lower Cost iPhone Sales are Great

Apple is one of the most famous smartphone makers in the world. However, according to many clients, these phones just cost too much. This is why it has been claimed that Apple should focus on developing a lower-cost smartphone that could draw more people into purchasing such a product. 

Well, now Tim Cook said that this actually is a good thing, as more people are able to get such an advanced device this way. In this context, it is important to know that in many countries in the world an iPhone commonly costs more than what you may know. This means that the middle class can easily see an iPhone as beyond their financial possibilities. 

However, refurbished iPhone5s are less expensive and much more suitable for a great category of individuals, who would love to use such a phone. According to Tim Cook, using such a phone actually means becoming part of the Apple ecosystem and he surely sees this as a very good thing. Moreover, Tim Cook claimed that he is not really concerned with the fact that sales of Apple’s tablets have declined. 

It has been revealed that while sales of iPhones and iMacs have grown, the sales for iPads has actually decreased. Still, this is not really concerning for Tim Cook, who said that the sale figures for this device actually are exactly how Apple expected them to be. During a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Cook also explained that this is not something that worries Apple now. 

Commonly, the problem for iPad and tablet computers in general is that they are less portable than phones, but they are less useful than computers, when it comes to office work. This means that people generally prefer smarter phones and functional computers. 

Well, Tim Cook recently claimed that while sales for the iPad have decreased in America and Europe, they have actually grown in emerging markets such as China and Middle East. Apple is currently showing a lot of interest in these markets, such as numerous other smartphone makers. 

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