Tim Allen back on TV in “The Last Man Standing”

Tim Allen will be performing in yet another sitcom. He will act in the newest ABC production, “Last Man Standing”. Allen career as a TV series actor started twelve years ago with “Home Improvement”. In his current show, Tim plays a man who finds himself in a awkward situation, he is the “king” at work but heavily outmatched at home, where his family is composed by only women.

Recent changes in the family life find Mike, Allen’s character, in a bit of a pickle. As he needs to pick up on spending time with his three daughters as well as performing chores around the house, since his wife goes back to work and he stops traveling with his job. In this overwhelmed by female background, the only brave upholder of manhood and probably sole allay for Mike is his grandson.

Allen’s wife will be played by Nancy Travis who was also part of the cast for “Hart of Dixie”, where her character was a nurse. Her role for Dixie will be recast.

Allen started in movies like: “Toy Story” trilogy, “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause”, “Cars” (voice), “Big Trouble”, “Christmas with the Kranks” and TV series like: “Home Improvement” and “Spin City”.

In “Ringer”,the intricate array of lives, twins and changing personalities was bound to catch up with Bridget. In the midst of one twin impersonating the other who is presumed dead but actually isn’t, the public was set for a whole season of mystery. Yet, it only took five episodes for the lead character to come around and confide the truth in her best friend. Well, actually her “dead” sister’s best friend, but who’s counting. Even though not her true earned friend, Gemma is all Bridget has on her side at the moment, so the confession might be yet another attempt on the twin’s side to preserve their friendship. If Gemma will be able to resist revealing the secret to a third party is yet to be seen.

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