Tiger Woods has a 22 years old new girlfriend

The professional golfer Tiger Woods has a 22 years old new girlfriend who looks very similar with his ex-wife Elin Nordegen. His countless adventures and divorce were no longer in media attention, until now.

It’s a little odd to date your ex-wife lookalike, even if you loved her very much. But that’s not the main problem in their relationship. It seems that Alyse Lahti Johnston, Tiger Woods new girlfriend had some law problems last year.

Do you like Tiger Woods new Girlfriend?

She was arrested of suspicion of DUI, but she didn’t spent time in prison. She pleaded no contest to the charge and an adjudication was pending until she accomplished certain conditions. She want back in front of the judge this year in January, and her case was closed.
    Another reason for people to gossip is the fact that she is only 22, that means 13 years younger than her boyfriend.But you know what they say love knows no age. Something that’s also worth to mention about her is that her stepfather, Alistair Johnston, is an important man in the sport world. He is actually executive at sports agency IMG that represents the golfer. Her step father and her mother are currently living in Florida, right next to the area where Woods live. Also Alyse is going to Ohio-based Northwood University, which also has a campus in West Palm Beach, Florida  very close to where he lives.

Tiger Woods and Alyse are dating already for a couple of weeks and recently they have been spotted on his luxurious yacht together with another couple.
    The golfer had a 5 years marriage with Elin Nordegen, and they had 2 kids together. At the moment they share their custody. Tiger Woods or his representatives refused to make any comments, the only thing we know is that he is trying to concentrate on the sport side.

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  1. Go Tiger!!! Leave the guy alone. That is his personal life and he has a right to date anyone he wants. He is single and trying to focus on his life both personal and private. This media frenzy is ridiculous and although it is expected with a person of his stature it doesn’t make it right… Do you think he is supposed to stay single now? No way. Let him live his life and move on with his profession.

  2. Why the f (excuse le mot) is anyone interested in this story that I stumbled on by chance (mishap) anyway? I vaguely know who Tiger Woods is and I couldn’t care less about his for me rather uninteresting way of life. Doesn’t he have anything better to do than exchange one blond wife with another blond wife (or girlfriend, or whatever)? This is insulting to both the women in question, and to mr. Woods intelligence one might hope. Apparently not. Get a life!

    Incidentally, which is which in the above picture? That is not made clear. Article needs clarification.

  3. As close to black as he is, the old style is the same. White women, messing up black men lives. Find a good woman in your own race, and be happy. Black men always making themselves look bad, even when they have their own black women, they are dogs in hot, no matter what! That’s why his game in golf is jacked-up. His thinking is off, and he’s lost control. And those so call friends he had, they were loser’s too.

  4. In my next life, I want to be re-born as a talented black/Asian man. Kudos to Tiger, your new girlfriend is hot. Wishing you a return back to the top, and success in all your romantic adventures.

  5. I like to leave a message to Melissa you a looser for being jealous..Because he has a relationship with opposite race..
    It was Tiger Woods mess up his relationship..Elin has nothing to with what Tigard Woods mistake.. An Melissa you are so ignorant about White women and black men subject..This has nothing to with Tiger Woods cheating on is wife..Elin sounds like a very nice wife and mother ..Her race has nothing to with Tiger Woods sleeping around committing adultery..Melissa you are very judgmental about all black men are dogs..That is not true of everyone them in one race..There is good and bad in all race and not one particular race you are judging on are all bad. Melissa you need to grow up, i know your feelings are hurt about life..Think before you make bad statements about people..You are talking about yourself..I like Mike’s commit… leave the guy alone.. The story about Tigard Woods sleeping around is old..An Melissa get a life,and stop making bad statements saying almost all black men are like that.. It is not true.. Men and Women in today’s world are cheating on each other and not on a particular race that is worst then others..An why you talk about Tigard friends and social life..Who cares about Tigard Woods what kind of friends he has..GET A LIFE MELISSA, YOU ARE SO IGNORANT ABOUT A RACE SUBJECT… IT MAKE ME WANT TO THROW UP.. No more commits..

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