Tiger Woods Ends PGA Tour Title Drought

Tiger Woods has just ended his two and a half year PGA Tour title drought thanks to the victory he scored at the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Sunday. The golf player was ahead of his rivals with only five strikes, but the competition could turn out much stronger during the next month’s Masters, according to Reuters.

This was the 72nd PGA Tour title that the American gold player has won during his entire career. The last time he scored a victory was in September 2009, during the BMW Championship. Woods finished at the 13-under-par at Bay Hill course by scoring a final round 70, thus marking his sixth victory in this area.

Tiger Woods released an interview after the game saying that he experienced a wonderful feeling when he won his first title in two years. Despite this, the golf player admitted that he had to work a lot to get back in shape and to keep up with his rivals. In the end, Woods thanked all the people who showed him support along the way.

The second place was won by Graeme McDowell who finished the second with only five shots behind Woods. The Northern Ireland competitor won the 2010 U.S. Open Championship, but he still needs to improve his skills in order to become as good as Woods.

The victory that Woods scored on Sunday is a sign that the golf player has finally overcome the problems he had in the past. His wife divorced him two years ago after she found out that he was cheating on her with various women. Woods’ public image has been negatively affected by these events, but it looks like sponsors and fans are willing to give him another chance.

Supporters cheered for the American player during the entire competition, but their voices grew louder after he made par at the final hole. Some of them have even started to sing the old chant “Tiger, Tiger” while he was preparing to shoot for the 18th green. This behavior gives Woods great confidence that he can start his career all over again and prepare for future competitions.

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