Tiger Woods Didn’t Cheat on Lindsey Vonn

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are no longer a couple. Well, when it was first revealed that the pair separated, rumors emerged indicating that the famous golfer actually cheated on his beautiful girlfriend and this is the reason why the romance ended. Now, some sources dismissed the claims, saying that there was no cheating scandal linked to the end of this romance. 

“I know everyone is hoping for a cheating scandal, but it’s not,” a source close to Tiger Woods claimed according to People. “There was no real drama,” the insider went on to add. “It didn’t work out,” it concluded. And the claims were confirmed by another source, who said that the pair separated because their busy schedules made the romance impossible to work. “What Tiger and Lindsey said is true: they have busy schedules and busy lives, and that sunk their relationship. But they don’t hate each other. Not at all,” the source said. 

However, regardless of the reason which led to the breakup, it seems that Tiger Woods is not happy at all with the fact that things ended between him and Lindsey. A source claimed that Woods “is really disappointed that it didn’t work out.” However, it seems that the famous golfer understands the reason which stood behind this decision to end things. Allegedly, “he respects Lindsay and understands why I had to end.”

The fact that Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods separated was quite curious, having under consideration that the two always seemed to be really happy together. The pair ended their romance after no less than 3 years of dating. They officially announced the breakup earlier this month. The former pair claimed that the decision to separate was mutual. Their joint statement alleged that the couple split because of their “incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart.”

Well, given Tiger Woods’ past, immediately after this official announcement a series of rumors emerged indicating that the golfer actually cheated on his girlfriend with a “nameless woman.” However, the rumors were not confirmed by the pair, so maybe Woods never cheated on Lindsey. 

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