Thunder Crush Lakers At Western Conference Semifinals

Oklahoma City Thunder crushed Lakers at the first game which opened the Western Conference Semifinals on Monday, says Reuters. Thunder players managed to get a 119-90 victory with the same celerity with which Metta World Peace elbowed James Harden during the April 22 games.

The Monday game at the Western Conference Semifinals was the moment that many Thunder fans have been waiting for. They were able to get their revenge for the injury that Metta World Peace caused to James Harden the last time the two teams played together. Their wishes were granted as Thunder defeated Lakers with an amazing 119-90 score and Oklahoma got a 1-0 lead in the series.

The victory was partially due to Russell Westbrook who scored 27 points and partially to Kevin Durant who added 25. However, Westbrook told the press that their good results were also due to the players’ “good legs”. In fact, Oklahoma had more than a week off, whereas Lakers finished their seven-game series two days ago, which explains why they were less active on the basketball court.

The Lakers had a good start on Monday, too, but they fell 15 points behind at halftime. Everybody thought Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum would eventually make up for the difference, but the deficit grew to 30 in the third quarter.

Although the incident between World Peace and Harden has been left aside after the seven-game suspension, Oklahoma fans didn’t seem to have forgotten the episode. As a matter of fact, the Lakers’ player was booed throughout the entire night by the angry crowd. Harden, on the other hand, told reporters that he did not let the elbow incident prevent him from focusing on his game. All he cared about on the court was to play well for his team and it looks like his plan has been accomplished as Harden had 17 points.

Mike Brown, Los Angeles’ coach, did not use his players’ tiredness as an excuse for getting beat. He stated that they didn’t play as well as they were supposed to, but they will most likely “bounce back” in the next game.


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