Thousands of People Displaced Near Colorado Springs Due To Wildfire

According to a recent report published by the Associated Press, thousands of people were displaced on Tuesday near the Colorado Springs due to a wildfire roaring. The so-called Waldo Canyon fire affected various cities across the region and Pikes Peak cog railway was shut down for the rest of the day.

As the weather is getting warmer, inhabitants in Colorado are confronted with numerous uncontrolled fires bursting in the wilderness. More than 4,800 people were displaced out of their homes on Tuesday as the Waldo Canyon fire grew bigger in the vicinity of the second most populous city of the state. The mushroom smoke that accompanied the wildfire went almost 20,000 feet in the air covering the skies above the Colorado Springs and the breathtaking vistas of “Pikes Peak”.

The wildfire grew bigger due to the powerful winds coming from the prairies to the east. As a consequence, many trees and great part of the vegetation of the area were devoured by the flames. Touristic services have also been affected by the uncontrolled fire as the famous cog railway circulating in the Pikes Peak region will be shut down for three days. Moreover, the highway and the popular Garden of Gods will remain shut down for an undetermined period of time, even though they have been closed as soon as the fire erupted on Saturday.

It is estimated that almost 4,000 acres were destroyed by the blaze despite the efforts that the authorities have made so far. Fire crews have managed to cover only 5 percent of the wildfire perimeter by carving containment lines. Authorities are still investigating the area to determine the cause that might have led to the outburst of the wildfire.

Reports show that no losses have been registered and no persons were injured by the flames. Nevertheless, the inhabitants have been momentarily displaced to prevent accidents from taking place in the future.

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