Thor, Better than X-Men

Figures say that the 3D movie “Thor” cashed in 176 millions until now, better than the 139 millions of X-Men and the 175.0 millions of Fantastic Four. And this is just the beginning. The movie was introduced by Paramount and Marvel Studios.

The movies is the story about a superhero who is searching his own identity. But in fact it is more than just a superhero story. The characters are part of the northern European countries history. They are gods with powers that the human mind cannot conceive ( this is also a source of some comedy sequences; the modern humans are playing technology genies who investigate some of the “proofs” that outer space unidentified objects and phenomena exist). Actor Chris Hemsworth plays Thor, the god of thunder, one of the king’s sons, who is loved and praised by the people. He just has one tiny problem that his father will try to correct. And this makes the things catch a completely new dimension.

The characters have not kept all the characteristics of the gods that they impersonate, but that doesn’t affect the story anyhow. Plus, the story itself is original, not being in any way part of history. 

Thor’s production costs summed 150 million dollars. And until now, the movie has gained 176 million dollars overseas. Estimations are that this week Thor will make an  addition 86 million dollars. The new international total at the end of the week is expected to be a little over 184 million dollars.

Of the public so far, 63% were males and 72% of the audience was over 25 years of age. It appears that the movie has its fans among adult males mostly.

Thor had a bit of unusual cast, in the sense that it placed a little known actor in the main role and some top actors in other roles. Natalie Portman plays the main girl role. Among other Hollywood stars that appeared in the film we mention Anthony Hopkins and Renee Russo. The film was directed by famous actor Kenneth Branagh. However, the cast was a hit, the movie appears to be doing extremely well and the audience is rising. “It was a great move on Marvel’s part to go with Kenneth Branagh and Chris Hemsworth” said Rob Moore the Paramount vice chair.

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