This Time Is For Real: Prince William And Kate Are Expecting A Royal Heir

Us Weekly reports that pregnancy rumors could be real this time: Prince William and his wife, Kate are definitely expecting a royal heir. The couple’s recent behavior at an official state dinner reinforced the media’s belief that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her first child.

Unlike his younger and funnier brother, Will spends most of his time taking part at boring dinners with state representatives. No wonder most of the headlines are related to the clothes that the Prince and his wife usually wear at meetings. However, the current tour that Will and Kate are making through Asia has provided the media with other subjects, such as, Kate’s potential pregnancy.

The supposition was made when the 30-year-old Duchess chose water instead of wine during an official state dinner in Singapore. The President and the prime minister of Singapore invited everyone to raise their glasses of wine for a toast in honor of the country’s Queen. Kate refused the glass of wine twice, whereas her husband toasted with the rest of the guests. Needless to say, Kate’s recent behavior has led to a flurry of speculations, but the royal family didn’t release any comments for the moment.

Similar acts have led to many pregnancy rumors in the past. The most recent one was in November 2011 when the couple was said to prepare a nursery for their upcoming baby. The fact that the Duchess declined to eat peanut paste during a visit at a United Nations aid depot in Copenhagen fueled the supposition that the royal couple was expecting their first baby.

This time, however, the media is convinced their hunch is right. Their main argument is Prince William’s recent declarations. The royal heir stated that he is very keen on having his own family and he plans to have two children with Kate. When asked whether there is something else he would like to share, the Prince burst into laughter and added “You won’t get anything out of me. Tight lipped.”

Pregnant or not, Kate Middleton will continue to be in the spotlight in the following period as she will travel through four different countries. In addition, she will hold her first speech in a foreign country during her visit at a Malaysian hospice.

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  1. I am so excited for Prince William and Kate. I hope that they are going to have a child this time, I can’t think anyone else
    that deserves starting family more than these two. It will be interesting to find out if it a Prince or Princess. Such excitement in waiting.
    God speed and watch over you during this fragile time.

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