This Is The Two-Faced Cat That Went Viral

The internet has a thing for weird and unusual things. Just one day after Venus, the two-faced chimera cat went viral and was presented on “Today”, in Worcester, Massachusetts a woman takes care of the actual two-faced cat.

This is Frank and Louie, the two-faced cat that definitely meets the requirements for the term. Frank and Louie is a record breaker. The two-faced cat is the Janus cat that lived longer. The cat was actually born with two faces, two mouths, two noses and not four, but three eyes.

Marty Stevens of Worcester, Massachusetts, rescued this rare two-faced cat from being euthanized. The cat was only one day old when Marty Stevens took it home. 12 years later, the two-faced cat is thriving and broke the Guinness World Record for the longest-surviving member of the Janus cats.

Janus cats were named after a Roman god who had (yes, you guessed it) two faces. But while these cats are very rare, most of them don’t survive too long because of several congenital defects. But the two-faced cat living in Worcester, Massachusetts, was lucky enough not to present the fatal defects.

Dr. Armelle deLaforcade told Associated Press Frank and Louie is lucky. “The condition itself is very rare, and I think that the fact that this cat became an adult, a healthy adult is remarkable” said the head of the emergency services division at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuffs University.

Marty Stevens took the two-faced cat in despite all her colleagues telling her not to get her hopes up. Frank and Louie is a “very, very laid back” cat says Marty Stevens. The two-faced cat is “not afraid of people, very friendly and he’s actually more of a dog than a cat”. “He walks on a leash, he goes right in the car” the unusual cat’s owner added.

So, what it’s like having a cat with two faces? Marty Stevens confesses “it’s funny” seeing people react when they realize they’re patting a two-faced cat. “It’s funny because people walk up to him thinking it’s a nice, fluffy white cat and they’re walking up with a big smile on their face to pat him, like ‘Oh, what a beautiful cat’”. But then “I see a look of horror come over their faces when they actually see his face” laughs Frank and Louie’s owner.

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