This Is The Healthiest Meal Ever

Eating healthy has become a concern for many people today. It’s hard to know for sure if what you’re putting on your plate is actually healthy and recommended for your body. Scientists have finally come to terms with what is the healthiest meal ever.

For a lot of people today committing to a healthy diet isn’t exactly easy. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, such as your daily usage of calories, particular allergies, fat content and ingredients that will boost your autoimmune system. For the lay person it’s hard to come up with a healthy diet you know it is scientifically proved. But scientists with the European Commission have put together the healthiest meal ever.

While many so-called healthy meals don’t exactly taste or look that appetizing, the menu put together by scientists at Leatherhead Food Research sounds quite delicious. For starters, scientists recommend fresh and smoked salmon terrine. With its high content of Omega 3 oils and the substantial level of docosahezaenoic acid, the first dish in the healthiest meal ever works wonders for your heart and brain, reducing bad cholesterol.

Join the smoked salmon terrine with a mixed leaf salad seasoned with extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil is amazing for the body, not only making your skin look brighter and younger, but keeping the cholesterol under control.

It’s time for some protein too. Scientists say that a chicken casserole with lentils and mixed vegetables serving makes for “80 official health claims”. Lentils contain pantothenic acid which does miracles when it comes to tiredness and is even known to boost “mental performance”. The protein in the chicken “contributes to a growth in muscle mass”.

And the healthiest meal ever has some dessert too. Scientists recommend yogurt blancmange with walnuts and caramel (no sugar). They explained the desert will help maintain “normal blood cholesterol” and contribute “to an acceleration of intestinal transit”. Walnuts are long known for their beneficial effects and only 30 grams a day have been tested to “contribute to the improvement of the elasticity of blood vessels”.

Dr. Paul Berryman, chief executive at Leatherhead Food Research, said “healthy foods do not have to be dull”. “We carry out thousands of consumer taste tests a year and one thing is clear. No matter how healthy, if foods do not taste good they will not sell”, concluded Berryman.

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  1. Ah, the cheap crap they shovel pretending it is healthy. Does it work? I’ll believe it when I see results. Things like chicken lentil casserole are not really much heathier than other foods.

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