This Is Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s Candy Business

Endorsements might be fun and financially productive, but it’s nothing like owning a business. Over the weekend, in New York, Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s candy business launched.

Many athletes have a sweet tooth, and Siberian born tennis star Maria Sharapova is no stranger when it comes to gummy candies. It was during a research for other gummy relishes that the tennis star suddenly realized the market was lacking brand awareness. Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s candy business is dubbed to do just that.

It’s not exactly the first choice of business, professional athletes would usually make. Most of them would turn to fashion, restaurants and spa centers, but not Maria Sharapova. The four-time Grand Slam title winner is confident her new candy business will be a success, in the end it has her name pinned to it.

Maria Sharapova first talked about her candy business, Sugarpova, at this year’s French Open. She called her new investment “the most exciting project” she’s ever been a part of. Sugarpova is “my own business, my own investment, my own money” the tennis star said.

Sugarpova is a brand of luxe candy with 12 products. The tennis star, commonly in Forbes’ list of best paid female athletes year after year got the idea while looking for gummy candies. “That kind of clicked in my brain” Maria Sharapova said when she noticed the market was lacking brand awareness. Coupled with the athletes desire to have a business of her own, this is how Sugarpova was born.

“I’ve worked with so many companies over the last few years, whether it was doing a collection or being part of an ad or face of a brand” she recently stated. “I wanted to own something – something 100% me. Where I make all the final decisions; here I’m involved from start to finish; where I was bringing in my own people…and investing my own money” added Maria Sharapova.

“I wanted fun and young and nothing too serious. That’s how it came about with candy” the tennis star revealed of her new business, Sugarpova.

It was Jeff Rubin, founder of It’sugar and creator behind the FAO Schweetz at the Schwarz stores, that came up with Maria Sharapova’s candy business name, Sugarpova.

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