This Is Steve Jobs’ Super Yacht

It looks like Steve Jobs didn’t design just brilliant igadgets, but a super yacht too. Venus, Steve Jobs’ super yacht was unveiled today in the Dutch city of Aaslmeer.

One year after his death, the super yacht he spent years designing was finally unveiled. Steve Jobs’ super yacht is called Venus and is 80 meters long. Obviously, much like anything the tech guru imagined before, we’re talking about minimal, state-of-the-art design and iMac-based control room that many Apple fans will find quite familiar.

Earlier this year, Slash Gear linked designer Philippe Starck to an Apple project. The designer denied that report, explaining he was working on a project that involved Steve Jobs and his family, not his company. The private super yacht was constructed by Feadship, a popular Dutch name in the world of custom yachts.

Steve Jobs’ super yacht is gigantic and looks like an Apple control unit that doesn’t seem to have anything in common to the name it was christened with, Venus. Clean lines, lots of large square windows made from special glass designed by Apple stores designers, aluminium hull and exterior as well as a minimalist sun deck make Jobs’ private yacht looks like an epitome of everything he created at Apple.

The super yacht is supposedly a lot better than your average yacht, when it comes to speed and weight and even if it is 80 meters long it was designed to be a speed boat with features of a cruise luxury ship. Philippe Starck was in charge of interior design which includes, based on Walter Isaacson’s comments, forty feet long cabins, ten-foot high window panels and even a jacuzzi.

Since it is Steve Jobs’ work, the super yacht obviously features a command room based on iMac computers. There are seven 27-inch iMac computers installed in the ship’s wheelhouse.

Earlier this year, designer Philippe Starck told a French radio station he has been working with Steve Jobs on the super yacht project for seven years. After his death, Steve Jobs’ widow took over the project that many have deemed to be “revolutionary”.

The Verge reports that people who worked on Steve Jobs’ super yacht project received an iPod shuffle that had Venus, the boat’s name engraved on the back. There was also a thank-you message from the Jobs family for the workers’ “hardwork and craftsmanship”.

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