This Is How McDonald’s Makes Its Fries… In Canada

The discontent customers have with McDonald’s ads and actual product isn’t new, but the chain in Canada tries its best to change that. So, Scott Gibson, supply chain manager shows how McDonald’s makes its fries, well, at least in Canada anyway.

A few months ago, McDonald’s Canada was explaining why the actual hamburger you buy is so different from the one in ads and in menu photos. The chain also released a video that was supposed to prove that all the burgers are made with 100 percent beef. Now, Scott Gibson, McDonald’s Canada supply chain manager, decided to show us how McDonald’s fries are made.

It’s obviously McDonald’s Canada is all about transparency this year. The fast food chain has been having a hard time lately as customers would rather choose a competitor or avoid their products over concerns of obesity and dubious ingredients in their product. On Friday, McDonald’s Corp posted its worst growth performance in nine years, missing Wall Street earnings estimates for the second time.

So, McDonald’s Canada’s transparency policy is an attempt to show customers how the food is actually made and avert the suspicions some people might have about their product. So, explaining how McDonald’s makes its popular fries is a good attempt, but not one that will actually convince people that is healthy food.

In fact, the disclosure on McDonald’s French fries recipe isn’t even the whole thing. The video looks like it aims to show customers that the potatoes used come from farms, not powder bags. It’s the “behind-the-scene tour from the farm all the way to the fryer” the supply chain manager promises. And whereas he tells us the fries are “cut and they’re never formed” he forgets to mention how the company makes all the fries uniform in color.

It is also interesting, writes Fox News, to learn that McDonald’s uses preservatives on French fries which are then “deep fried for about a minute before they’re freeze dried, bagged and shipped out”. So your French fries from McDonald’s might be made from real potatoes, but the colorizing and the 1 tablespoon of salt per four orders of medium fries is another thing.

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