This Is Canon EOS M, The Mirrorless Camera

Finally there’s a camera easy to use and carry around featuring most of the technology found in heavy professional devices. This is Canon EOS M, the mirrorless camera that makes taking photographs as simple as using Instagram.

You could argue Canon EOS M is in fact designed to pertain to the Instagram generation. It’s the size of your pocket, comes with an 18-megapixel compact touchscreen and mirrorless interchangeable lens. It might cost $799 but Canon EOS M is one camera today’s tech obsessed generation will love.

For the most part, Canon’s professional devices pertained to passionate photographs, who didn’t mind carrying around a huge camera and dozens of accessories. Many users would have loved to have the same functionality and image quality in a camera the size of a pocket, so they ruled in favor of small digital cameras than most of Canon’s models. But, thanks to the EOS M mirrorless camera, you’re going to love Canon too.

Some experts say the EOS M mirrorless camera is just a shrunken version of Cannon’s T4i DSLR. Gizmodo writes both have “the same groundbreaking, continuous Live View autofocus”, “same beautiful capacitive touchscreen” and “same 18-megapixel APS-C image sensor and Digic 5 image processor”.

Even if it is similar to the T4i DSLR, Canon managed a groundbreaking adaptation in its EOS M. For that matter, the only reason Canon was able to fit all those DSLR features into a pocket size camera, is the size of the lenses. The EOS M uses two EF-M 22mmm f/2 STM lens that can be changed.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but for a professional photographer the Canon EOS M isn’t much of a challenge. But for everybody else looking to take quality shots and publish them on their blogs and Facebook pages, this small mirrorless camera could be the best choice in the market.

Canon EOS M also features a 3-inch touchscreen that is going to make it easier to browse through photos and edit features. You can add all kind of filters both to pictures and videos using Picture Styles and Video Snapshot.

The only major drawback about this camera is its steep price. For that matter, Canon might have shrunk its DSLR but it priced it just the same. Canon EOS M will be released in October, at $799.99.

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