This Halloween, The Sexy Big Bird Costume Is The Most Controversial

Sesame Street’s Big Bird was never the hottest Halloween choice. But’s Sexy Big Bird costume will sure be the most controversial at Halloween parties this year.

If for children Halloween is that time of year when they put on costumes to get candy, for adults costumes have a different purpose. Halloween, more than other holiday in the year, is the perfect time to don sexy, silly and kitschy costumes. And’s Sexy Big Bird costume is just the perfect feathery Halloween costume: bright, popular and showing enough skin to have some sex-appeal.

Sesame Street’s Big Bird has been getting a lot of attention lately. It was Mitt Romney that put Big Bird in the spotlight after he has threatened to fire him. After Romney was mocked nationwide and then scrutinized for his cold-blooded announcement, decided to give the regular Big Bird Halloween costume a different spin.

“Exclusive Yellow Dress and Stockings” is the name of the sexy Big Bird costume that has Sesame Street furious. According to Buzzfeed, Sesame Workshop, the non-profit organization behind the show, sent a cease and desist letter. The non-profit organization says is not an official seller of their branded products. But named its controversial costume “Exclusive Yellow Dress and Stockings” and is selling the headpiece separately.

But Sesame Street is going to have a hard time ending the sexy Big Bird Halloween costume craze, since retailers nationwide are selling out of the costume versions of the iconic character. Many costumers started buying their Big Bird Halloween costume the next day after Mitt Romney’s controversial comment.

“I have one lonely Big Bird costume looking at me right now” Marilynn Wick, president of the Costume World chain, told USA Today. “We have only got one left and all of our other stores are out” she added.

Even Disguise, the official Big Bird Halloween costume, sold out incredibly fast. “It’s been insanity. It’s just crazy. We absolutely are sold out of Big Bird” said Cheryl Kerzner, Disguise product design and marketing vice president. “We have had tons of requests from everyone, all of our retailers. We cannot give them more. We are sold out” she added.

It looks like this year’s Halloween, Big Bird is getting all the rage so don’t freak out when an army of Sesame Street yellow feathery costumes invade the streets.

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