Third abuse victim in the Bernie Fine case speaks out

On Sunday, the Syracuse Post-Standard informed that a third man opened up about having been a victim of sexual abuse of Syracuse coach Bernie Fine. The young man, Zach Tomaselli, spoke about his traumatic experience at the age of 12.

A few days ago, Zach Tomaselli, a 23-year-old man from Lewiston, Maine, spoke to the police about his case, which relates to Coach Bernie Fine’s other sexual abuse allegations.  Tomaselli explained that in 2002, when he was 12 years old, he has been the victim of the Syracuse coach’s sexual assault, inside a Pittsburgh hotel room. He was sexually molested the night before the game against the University of Pittsburgh. The man says that there was no witness that could confirm what he is claiming and he has no physical evidence anymore. In addition to that, his father, Fred Tomaselli, claims that his estranged son is actually lying.

However, the allegations were enough to alert the police, who sent officers in search of Fine’s house on Friday. The authorities monitored the activity around the house until 9 p.m. The coach was at home, with his wife of 26 years, Laurie. They were seen talking to the police around 3 p.m. The officers took photos, inspected the trash cans and other furniture that was taken out on the lawn.

The authorities involved were part of the Syracuse Police, the New York State Police and the U.S. Secret Service.

Bernie Fine is confronting with sexual abuse allegation from two brothers, former Syracuse players. Bobby Davis, who is now 39 years old, claims that he was sexually assaulted by coach Fine in the early 80s. His older stepbrother, Mike Lang, who is 45, says that he was also abused. The coach denied all accusations.
Since the sex scandal, Bernie Fine, 65, was put on administrative leave.

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