These Black Friday Deals Aren’t as Great as You’d Think

Black Friday 2012 is just around the corner. It’s time to start looking for the best deals!

Some people will wait all year for the amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. For some, the discounts on November 23rd are the only way they can afford a new TV or a new laptop. However, even Black Friday discounts might not be just as great as you’d think. Discounts, on sale and special offer are always the kind of factors that make people rush into buying stuff they don’t need or for a price tag that isn’t that great compared to other season sales.

Giving into the great Black Friday deals is something warns about. Earlier this week, the website published a list of what not to buy on Black Friday thinking that’s the lowest price you could get. At the top of the list, puts toys. Don’t buy it on Black Friday mesmerized by red discount signs, just wait for the much more profitable Christmas deals.
For Black Friday, stores will be full of discounts on all kinds of Christmas decorations. Don’t give into temptation. The Christmas discounts on decorations are even better. Or, if you’re looking for the best price on Christmas decorations, just wait until the end of the holiday. Retailers want to get rid of the stock, so you’ll be able to buy decorations for your next two Christmas trees without exactly breaking a leg and arm.

The list also features brand name HDTVs, for which Black Friday isn’t exactly the lowest price time. The advice from is to wait until January and February when “manufacturers look to clear stock in preparation for new models in the spring”. Same goes for the last generation digital cameras. In only a few months the latest WOWW in digital cameras will turn into the “old model” and the prices will drop. also advises against buying Apple iPad mini or Microsoft Surface RT tablets on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Instead of buying the iPad mini just wait for the iPad 2 Black Friday discounts, which the website predicts it “will fall to $299 this Black Friday”.

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