These Are the Best Car Accessories for iPhone 5

Apps and accessories can transform your iPhone in the most useful device ever. Whether you need it to communicate with the guys at the office, to plan the day’s schedule with your assistant, to avoid route delays and speeding tickets or just to make the long commute less boring and annoying, we’ve put together a list of the best car accessories for iPhone 5. Remember though that in some states accessories such as radar detectors are illegal.

Proclip Mounts

Oftentimes, the only car accessory for iPhone 5 you need is a mount. There are lots of models available and Proclip’s mounts are top of the list. You can order an iPhone 5 mount that will fit your exact vehicle. Just choose the maker, the model and the year, then the smartphone brand and model. Some mounts and holders don’t work with cases, covers, shields, wraps or skins, but just select an adjustable folder to fit those too.




RAM Mounts

If you’re really looking for an iPhone 5 car mount that does more than just sit there, you need to consider investing about $24 in a RAM mount. This accessory can be used for cars, boats, motorcycles and even airplanes and it comes in several adapted versions such as Universal X-Grip, Weather Resistant Aqua-Box 20 and Model Specific Cradle.






Cobra iRadar

This is an accessory that serves as you must have figured it out by now as a smart radar detector. You mount it on your windshield or dash and it sends data about your car’s battery (if it’s electric) and announces speed traps using GPS. You need to combine it with the app (free on App Store), which allows you to change settings, receive red light camera alerts and view visual alerts. It costs $129.95.




Escort SmartRadar detector for iPhone 5

Escort is Cobra’s main competitor when it comes to radar detectors for iPhone 5. It not only alerts you of upcoming speed traps but also lets you know when your driving puts you at risk of an accident or speed ticket. There’s all-band radar and laser protection, real time alerts on North America driving lanes and it can also locate red light and fixed-speed camera locations. The best part is that the detector isn’t visible from the windshield. It does have quite a hefty price, $399.95 on App Store.

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