There’s Hope For Nokia: Windows Phone Lands on Third Place in Smartphone Market

CNET News, along with other tech reporters, have regained their hope in the future of Nokia as the company announced on Friday that their Windows Phone is now the third most-sold device on the smartphone market. The news was confirmed by market researcher IDC after figures have shown that the Finnish company’s phone exceeded the global market shipments of BlackBerry in the first quarter of the year.

Based on the report provided by market researcher IDC, Nokia has shipped more than 7 million smartphones since the beginning of the year; thus, managing to gain a market share of 3.2 percent. Analysts have declared themselves impressed by the remarkable growth that the company has registered, considering that in 2012, the company managed to ship only 3 million handsets and obtain a market share of only 2 percent.

In spite of the recent announcements and reforms that Canadian company, BlackBerry has made, their market share dropped significantly last quarter. IDC told the media that during the same period, BlackBerry did not ship more than 6.3 million smartphones and their market share dropped to 2.9 percent. Comparatively, the market share was 6.4 percent, whereas the number of shipped items equaled 9.7 million during last year’s first quarter.

After years of technological numbness, it seems like Nokia has finally managed to recover its strength on the smartphone market and remove all investors’ fears. Windows Phone has registered the biggest increase, making analysts hope that Microsoft’s operating system could capture consumers’ attention, after all. As a matter of fact, it was Microsoft’s operating system that helped raise Nokia’s shipments by 20.3 million handsets.

IDC analyst Kevin Restivo told reporters at CNET News that it is for the first time in a very long time that Nokia occupies the third place among smartphone producers. This validates, in his opinion, the direction that Nokia and his partner, Microsoft, is taking. However, the recent gains are not enough to acknowledge Windows Phone as an alternative to Android and iOS; the company would have to register many more shipments until its position on the market will eventually be solidified.

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