The TT Boot Camp Games Review: 31 Addictive Games to Put Off Boredom and Triple Membership Fast

Boot camps are all the rage today, as working out and muscle toning has become a priority for many people today. People will turn to boot camps because they want something more intense than just a fitness class and something more muscle sculpting than karate. However, although more and more people want to live a healthy life, some boot camp businesses fail to achieve success. To keep your clients happy and committed you need to offer them an experience that makes your boot camp stand out.

According to the TT Boot Camp Games review of reasons why some boot camps fail, it is boredom eventually breaks everybody’s spirit and desire for workout. The program has 31 addictive done-for-you boot camp games that promise to triple membership as fast as four weeks and ward off boredom. The following review of the TTBootCampGames aims to see if this plug-and-play client magnet is actually worth the money.

The problem many boot camp owners today face is losing clients tired or bored with the session format. As they start to lose clients, they market aggressively to get new ones, but that doesn’t happen also.

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Brian Kalakay, the brain behind the TT Boot Camp Games program, found that all you need to do is to keep current clients motivated and the new clients will come too in no-time and it’s all because of the addictive, fun and exciting boot camp games.

Boot Camp Games combine several recess style games and Turbulence Training fitness drills, which are particularly “designed to inflict ‘turbulence’ on the body”, burn fat and toning the muscle. Evidently, these aren’t your common boot camp games, but adding the martial arts and fitness elements to drills and games, Kalakay might have just stumbled upon a killer program that “would break boot camp boredom and keep them coming back for more”.

Exercises in the Boost Camp Games manual are designed for all fitness levels and promote variety of workout for fun sessions. Boot Camp Games will require stability balls, medicine balls, hula hoops, cones, balloons, tennis balls and body weight. The manual includes team building games, small group competitions and partner playoffs that encourage social interaction and teamwork.

The TT Boot Camp Games exercise manual sells for $39,00, a price tag that shouldn’t be overwhelming for the business owner interested in improving monthly membership revenue and client retention figures. The boot camp program is tested and basically served on a plate, saving you about $300 and about 60 hours of work. There deal also includes two bonuses worth $164. The resources you get for free teach you how to market using games, Facebook, reward systems, promotional prizes, referral tools and smart prizes. You will even get video tutorials that explain how to play each of the 31 addictive games and a manual that helps you with over 300 variations of relay races you and your clients can perform during the workout session.

Also, if you’re not satisfied with the TT Boot Camp Games program you can have your money back within the next 60 days after the purchase.

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  1. Brian brings so much energy to the boot camp industry, and you can see that passion with TT Boot Camp Games. Using these games with your boot camps is like a client attraction and referral magnet.

    This program will separate you from the boot camp down the street and these games are the ‘X’ factor missing from your boot camp business.

  2. I just unpacked the TT Boot Camp Games Manual and have been using it for one week. First off, I can see how using these games increases retention and referrals. My camp was a buzz after playing the ‘Commando Relay’. I needed to modify the game slightly for my group, but I got the idea and plenty more from the TT Boot Camp Games Manual.

    Games sort of get forgotten as adults and this program helps bring out the kid in all of us. These games are fun and fast paced and clients don’t even know how hard they’re working when they get caught up in the spirit of play.

    Thanks Brian and the TT team for such a great resource that I can use to spice up my bootcamp.

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