The truth behind Demi Moore’s hospitalization

After a thorough investigation, reporters at the Examiner have managed to find out that truth behind Demi Moore’s hospitalization. According to them, the 911 call that the actress made on Monday proves that Moore had been smoking a drug called “Spice”, thus getting into a semi-conscious state. 

The drug is sold on the Internet in small packages being described as merely “herbal incense”. Even though “Spice” sellers claim that the drug is not dangerous for consumers, many teenagers have been hospitalized last year after smoking it. 

Demi Moore did not ingest the substance by mistake; on the contrary, she told the press that she intentionally bought it because she wanted to relax. The reaction to the drug was, however, unintentional. The actress was probably not aware that the synthetic marijuana can lead to various health problems, such as, heart palpitations, vomiting, seizures, hallucinations, panic attacks and paranoid behavior.

Dr. Howard Samuels released an interview for CBS explaining what might have happened on Monday night. Samuels speculated that Moore was smoking “Spice” in combination with the prescription drug Adderall and drinking large quantities of the popular energy drink Red Bull. This is why the actress was found in a semi-conscious state. Moreover, there are reasons to believe that she suffers from anorexia because Moore lost significant weight since her divorce in November 2011.

Meanwhile, many more TV channels argue that the 911 call made on Monday was not supposed to make public. Police officers, on the other hand, claim that there is no law which prevents these calls to be publicly released. In fact, Tina Haro, the public information officer for the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Community Liaison Office, told the press that these recordings represent public information. The actress’ legal team did not attempt to halt the tape’s release. 

There is no doubt about it: the actress is going through a stressful period of time which is why she resorts to illegal substances and prescription drugs. We can only hope that the exhaustion and health treatment that Moore started this week will get her back on her feet again.


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  1. Demi, are you not 49yrs old? Do you not have THREE children? Shame on you for acting this way! PLEASE get some therapy for your low self esteem. NO MAN absolutely no man is worth what you are doing to your children and yourself. I have always thought your were a strong and beautiful lady. You need a reality check. This kind of behavior actually deflects men not attracts them. Get rid of your so called ‘Hollywood’ friends and grow up and act your age PLEASE. PLEASE do this for yourself and your children.

  2. Demi, if you read this. Turn to God. He is your way up. Find a local Christ centered, bible teaching church. Speak to the Pastor. 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because He cares for you.

  3. “There is no doubt about it: the actress is going through a stressful period of time which is why she resorts to illegal substances and prescription drugs. ”

    spice is not illegal.

  4. Demi my child, I understand what you are goin through. Heartbreak is a terrible thing ALL mortals must face, but how we deal is how we are judged. I know you have strayed from the church, attending Hollywood orgy’s with sodomites, but I ask that you seek out my counsel. I would be honored to lead you toward the righteous path! My congregation shall hold a candle light vigil in your name – amen

  5. Dont try to drag religon into this. Religion does absolutely nothing. How can u believe that there is some ” higher power” in some other dimention who controls everything?

  6. Yes, she’s having trouble dealing with a failed marriage and no, she’s not making the right choice using drugs. There’s not a human being on earth who hasn’t been perfect in how they deal with every problem their whole life. Those quoting scripture, boy you sure turn people off right away! Nobody’s perfect, not even Christians. Sometimes they’re the biggest hypocrites of them all.
    Give Demi a break, she’ll get through this with self reflection and with the strength she has in whatever religious or spiritual belief she holds.

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