“The Talk” Season 3 Premiere Goes Without Makeup

CBS reports that the premiere of the third season of “The Talk” started with a special ‘no makeup’ edition. The co-hosts showed up in front of the cameras without wearing any makeup and styling products on their faces and, respectively, their hair.

Promoting natural beauty is one of the biggest preoccupations of most health organizations, at present. Following in their footsteps, companies producing beauty products, such as, Dove, launched various campaigns encouraging women to have confidence in their own natural beauty.

On Tuesday, however, the co-hosts of “The Talk” surprised everyone with an unusual edition. The ladies presenting the CBS show decided to start the Season 3 premiere with a no makeup edition. In addition, they wore their hair as natural as possible in order to show women that television hosts have the same problem as regular people do.

Social networks were immediately flooded with messages speaking about the co-hosts’ act of bravery. The five co-hosts of the season 3 premiere announced at the beginning of the show that they were not wearing any makeup and that they tried to style their hair on their own. The usual fancy clothes that stars like to display during TV shows were replaced, this time, with bathrobes for a more intimate atmosphere.

The stars that were invited on the Tuesday edition of “The Talk” agreed to join the co-hosts in their endeavor to promote natural beauty. For that matter, actor and author, Jamie Lee Curtis, as well as other stars that made their appearance on the show embraced the same casual, make-up free look as the presenters.

Internet users were very pleased with the message that the season 3 premiere of “The Talk” tried to convey. CBS received many online messages from viewers who were positively impressed by their campaign. Most fans complimented the five co-hosts for their natural look, so this format could be embraced by other shows in the future.

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