The Super Bowl Streamed By 3 Million Users

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, this year’s edition of the Super Bowl was streamed by 3 million users. Figures have grown considerably as opposed to the online ratings registered last year when only 2.1 million people watched the game on the Internet.

CBS Sports, NFL and Verizon are the three main companies that streamed the highly popular game on their websites. Although viewers still prefer the televised broadcast, the 3 million users, who have watched the game online prove that a considerable amount of people choose to stream the Super Bowl. One possible explanation for this change is the fact that some viewers reside in countries where the sports event is not televised, so they have to resort to the Internet in order to watch the competition. Mobility is the second reason why people prefer to watch the game on other devices except their TV sets.

Whether it was the 34-minute blackout or people’s decreasing interest, the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers was watched only by 108.7 million people, a lot less than the numbers registered two years ago. Even so, the show is still on the third position in the top most watched shows on Sunday evening.

Online streaming lacks the features that make televised broadcasts interesting, yet there are some options that may attract younger segments of the public. Social media integration, camera-view options and on-demand commercials are some of the alternatives that networks have provided to online users. The fact that the halftime Super Bowl show was also streamed this year could be another reason why viewers have chosen online networks.

The Super Bowl was streamed online for the first time by NBC and CBS last year. They decided to continue the tradition this year, as well, and CBS registered 10 million live streams on Sunday. In spite of the decreasing ratings, the Super Bowl continues to be one of the favorite subjects of discussion for social media users. The game triggered 30.6 million comments from viewers from all over the world, that is, slightly bigger than the 28.3 million comments registered during the 2012 presidential election.


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