The Super Bowl 2012 – A Show That Had It All

The Super Bowl has long time become the most watched telecast, as Americans had year after year a show that brought good sports and good entertainment. It had evolved over the years into a real performance, as media gurus try to make it unforgettable. With ups and downs the Super Bowl 2012 was a show that had it all.

The Sunday’s night Super Bowl XLVI was a mouth full to say the least. It had an arguably good game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants and half time shows that featured Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, M.I.A. and all sort of commercials. All in all it was a sizeable mix of what the Americans love most: football, performances, celebrities, good food, beer and family time, sprinkled with a table spoon of ads.

Let’s take it one step at a time. The New England Patriots and New York Giants ended 17 to 21. It only got interesting to watch during the last minutes of the game. The media writes that Tom Brady’s two long failures in the final minutes and several other glitches were what cost the New England Patriots the game. But, all is good when it ends well, and for Tom Brady it did. He ended up consoled by wife Gisele Bundchen.

Kelly Clarkson had the honor to sing the Super Bowl National Anthem. It’s been one of the best national anthem performances in years. She didn’t forget the lyrics, nor showed off her singing skills with the final note or came forward with an outrageous outfit. Simple and nice, just as we like it.

Maddona’s half time show was the most expected event, perhaps just after the game. Again, an almost flawless performance, if it wouldn’t have been for M.I.A.’s accidental flip off. She flipped the bird while singing “I don’t give a f**k”. Both the NFL and NBC apologized for the gesture.

Going back to Madonna’s half time show it was exactly what she does best. A performance coupled with lights, guests, costumes that took the spotlight. It wasn’t to be fair too much of a concert, but it surely was a hands on performance.

Apart from the game, the half time show, there’s one other thing that draws people to Super Bowl. The mythical Super Bowl commercials. So, what was your favorite?

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  1. man i feel like the NE patriots should have won ima need them to catch the ball for future purposes….lol but i love them anyway i lost 50$ on them ugh its life so GOOOOOOOOOO PPPPAAATTRRIOOOTSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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