The Story Of The Misplaced Lottery Ticket

Winning the U.S. Mega Millions is any American’s dream, and just like the commercial advises, if you have the opportunity go for it. Apparently that’s what the latest Mega Millions winner might have done, as the self proclaimed winner is going to have a hard time proving she even had the ticket. In a new turn of events, the Baltimore Mega Millions winner now claims the ticket is lost. Let’s piece together the story of the misplaced lottery ticket.

Ask any McDonald’s worker what’s their biggest wish. Almost invariably they’ll answer winning the lottery. And that pertains to all Americans having a hard time with their monthly wage and expenses. As one such person claims, it seems the luck finally struck, but not for long as it seems.

Mirlande Wilson is a mother of seven that at 37 years old is struggling to make it through each month’s expenses with a McDonald’s worker wage. She is one of the three self proclaimed winners of the $656 million Mega Millions lottery, but just like the other two she has failed to actually come forward with the winning ticket and claim the money.

Originally, Mirlande Wilson told reporters she was keeping the winning ticket in hiding at the McDonald’s restaurant she works. But when reporters with NBC 4 asked her once again where was the ticket, Mirlande had a different reason: apparently she has misplaced the $656 million lottery ticket.

However there’s one aspect that indicates Mirlande might be lying. Although Mirlande says her winning ticket isn’t part of the McDonald’s employee pool she was allegedly responsible for, chances are she’s hiding the winning lottery ticket from the others. And there’s no urgency to claim the prize yet. The lucky winner has until September 28 to claim the pot.

Meanwhile, Stephen Martino, Director of Maryland lottery, told reporters that the winning lottery ticket has been purchased at 7:15 p.m., March 30 at Baltimore’s Liberty Avenue 7-Eleven. The company tried to identify the winner by looking at the 7-Eleven’s surveillance tape but that didn’t work since the timestamp on the tape is different from the lottery ticket machine stamp.

So, what’s your take on the matter?

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  1. This FAT NASTY THING needs to shut up and stop trying to get attention with this lie!

    First of all, if her FAT A.. had any brains, or for that matter, the WINNING TICKET, she would know that in the state of Maryland, one does not have to reveal their identity to claim this money. So all of the notoriety she now has is of her own doing, and because of her FAT ASSED need for attention.

    She looks like a common piece of trash!

    PLEASE real winner come forward so that this FAT PIG will go away and shut up for good!!

  2. Ms. Mirlande Wilson keep you chin and spirits up. There’s a reason you’re not able to find your ticket. When the time is right I’m sure it’ll come to you where you place it. Good luck on your quest. Don’t worry. When God has a blessings for you it’s yours and it’s carved in cement. Sarah you are a mean envious person if you haven’t been told before by your friends and/or family. Who in the hell are you too keep calling people negative names and to call them a liar. Life must be unsatisfying for a merciless judgemental person like you. You are the reason I’m glad that man didn’t make or create me for surely you would have forasaken me too.

  3. I always thought that, no matter what, you must have the ticket to claim any winnings. If you loose it or misplace it or if someone else finds it and claims the money -you have no recourse because the holder of the ticket is the winner.

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