The speed of light is the fastest speed? Think again!

In you thought the speed of light is the fatstest speed think again, because now, there is a reason to doubt the theory. On Friday, a a group of researchers in switzerland announced they have found some particles that travel faster than light.

If you grew up believing, like most of us, that the speed of light is the fastest you could go, now is a good time to be amazed. Scientists have discovered that there are some particles that seem to travel faster than light, thus challenging Einstein’s theory of relativity, but also the law of physics which stipulates that nothing can travel faster than light.

The world would be thankful that there are scientists who do not stop experimenting just because Albert Einstein developed a theory and just because there are immutable laws of physics. This keeps the world moving forward and evolving. In the underground studying facility between Switzerland and Italy, the neutrinos sent 730 km arrived to destination a fraction of a second sooner than expected. The discovery was announced on Friday by a group of researchers based at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Switzerland.

The result is based on the careful observation of more than 15,000 bunches of neutrinos sent between Italy and Switzerland.It was a total surprise for the researchers involved in the project that is called “The Opera project”. Professor Neville Harnew, head of particle physics at Oxford, even stated that the results came “totally out of the blue”.

The scientists working on the Opera project will continue their research and are “also looking forward to independent measurements to fully asses the nature of this observation”, as stated by Antonio Ereditato from the University of Bern. Since neutrinos are unstable and hard to study, it is very important that other experiments be conducted very carefully before drawing any other conclusions.

Neutrinos are an electrically neutral subatomic particles, emitted during the process of radioactive decay and have a tiny mass, passing through matter without interacting with anything else. Not so many laboratories in the world can handle the study of neutrinos, CERN being one of the few. The research director at CERN, Sergio Bertolucci, said that “when and experiment finds an apparently unbelievable result, (…)it’s normal procedure to invite broader scrutiny.” This makes all the more sense as we are talking about a discovery that might change science as we know it.

We can only wait and see what will further experiments unveil.

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  1. What you try to infer from flawed, misinterpreted results Einstein has established through his sublimely elegant and beautiful theory and correct mathematics, so we shall neither doubt his correct and true theory nor investigate the matter further.

  2. my teacher said that to us in class…and omething that scared me is the she said that if that is true that ligth is not the fastest thing of all world than all the science will how we know them the books wil be thrown away…..and ……

  3. I think this discovery is great news! its little things like this that helps others to see that MAYBE we have got a few things wrong in the past. and thats not to say that i am taking away from einstein! he was a genius! and no we wont have to throw out our text books! the great majority of our mathematics has been proven to be correct or at least very close. the only thing that needs adjusting is our “perception”. i have never understood why people have been so close minded…. but like einstein proved, its all reletive i guess :] one thing that remains is that if we stop seeking, we will cease to find.

  4. “All of my investigations seem to point to the conclusion that they are small particles, each carrying so small a charge that we are justified in calling them neutrons. They move with great velocity, exceeding that of light.” – Nikola Tesla, July 10, 1932

    DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD TELL YOU if man sent information Faster Than Light as messages to the past say over a century ago?

    They didn’t tell you because it caused world record earthquakes as the data from the future was realized and acted upon.

    They didn’t tell you because it allowed The United States of America and JP Morgan to take everything.

    They didn’t tell you the place…
    these messages were first sent back in time… someplace but you don’t see Times Square Tesla’s Lab.

    They didn’t tell you this “messaging” to the past caused a Man-Made New York City Earthquake attributed by police at the time to Nikola Tesla’s lab.

    They didn’t tell you why Nikola Tesla fearing more of these Manhattan earthquakes dropped out of the Trans-Atlantic race with Marconi and rushed his work to Colorado Springs.

    They didn’t tell you TESLA LISTENED FIRST…

    They didn’t tell you he used the information to bet on boxing.

    They didn’t tell you placing a bet can cause earthquakes.

    They didn’t tell you the front pages of The New York “Times” was the first bulk data sent and it was done by Nikola Tesla for JP Morgan, EH Harriman who hunted and killed all those bear “markets”

    They didn’t tell you The Harriman Expedition went to Alaska and set up the equipment three months before Tesla caused Earthquake No. 333.

    They did’t tell you Tesla’s action actually created this world as we know it’s slight difference means the action even created you in it.

    They didn’t tell you and CAN’T TELL YOU NOW BECAUSE all the wealth and all the power in the world then changes hands. All countries, religions, investment, gambling, and even Vegas & Wall Street are worthless if the pentagon admits they have data from the future.

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    A second divisible by 3, times 3, times 3,
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    And for Christ’s sake it was Earthquake Milne Shide No. 333

    “All repeated acts or operations I performed had to be divisible by three and if I missed I felt impelled to do it again, even if it took hours.”
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    If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
    — Nikola Tesla

  5. I am real amazed to see that science is still developing and is still teenager .but according to stephen hawkings if we move with the speed of light the we may reach in future. and as you told us, neutrinos is more faster as compared to light ,then it should be traveling in past and future.
    and can travel in time with the use of neutrinos?

  6. travel in past? It sounds good but it is not possible.if it was possible then why not some of ur grandchild from future to meet you or may some scientist come in our time. And may be travel in future may come true in coming 300YEARS.. Hehehe

  7. I never accepted light is the absolute speed limit, that itself contradicts relativity as that implies there is an absolute!

    I also don’t accept time is relative, people’s definitions are confused here, just cos something has changed less due to moving faster or being by a more massive object doesn’t mean time altered just for them more that they have been altered by surrounding variables.

    Furthermore if light is the absolute speed limit that means time is light and a constant!

    As for Einstein’s relativity, theories have been rewritten constantly throughout history and there’s no reason to assume it’s full proof, that’s knowledge, to assume one theory is perfect is the same as those bible bashers or zealots of Islam that impose their doctrines are the word of god and infallible.

    Science is superior to religion because people question and adapt it not because we accept it at face value and mock those that dare to dispute it!

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