The Samsung Galaxy S III And Apple iPhone 4S Fight For Best Smartphone

It’s already common truth that Samsung is out to get Apple. The war on patents was just the beginning, because as technology evolves, Samsung isn’t the only one that can actually claim Apple iPhone’s title as best smartphone. This year, the Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 4S fight for the best smartphone status is more challenging than imagined.

It’s really no brain teaser that Samsung got its new Galaxy smartphone out well before Apple would have a chance to blow up the market with iPhone 5. The truth is that for at least several months, Samsung Galaxy S III gets to enjoy the rank of best smartphone. That is if Apple manages to put it together and deliver an iPhone 5 that will truly blow consumers away.

But, until then, looking at Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 4S it’s obvious these two gadgets belong to different technological eras. Yes, it might be a harsh argument, but iPhone 4S isn’t that much of an innovation when compared to Samsung’s latest Galaxy S smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S III has a 4.8 inch display, a lot bigger than iPhone 4S’ 3.5 inch diagonal. However, you have to hand it to Apple, the iPhone 4S is still a few grams lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S III, but supplemental functions are worth it.

Now, if Apple had the guts to break Siri onto the market so early, hoping it will set its gadgets away from the crowd, Samsung put something similar in its latest smartphone. If Siri was there to remind you about birthdays and help you send emails without much hassle, Samsung has S Voice.

Yes, it is obviously very close to Siri, but leave that to the courts to judge. The truth is that Samsung’s S Voice does a lot more than Siri. The program announces you of missed important emails and calls, can even recognize friends in photos and it can actually watch you and react based on your intentions. Through the smartphone’s front facing camera Samsung S Voice “knows precisely what we are doing, and it follows our intentions”.

Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT, thinks that “Samsung’s GX3 has provide a target for Apple to aim at with the iPhone 5”. He added for eWeek that at the moment “neither Apple nor HTC” offer Samsung GX3’s features.

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  1. Galaxy S3 performance wise is looking very tasty. I just hope Samsung do it justice by designing a premium looking device made of premium materials and not a generic plastic box. Come on Samsung you can do it!

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