The Rise of Sundar Pichai

It looks like a little-known middle manager has become number 2 at Google. Naturally, many people are asking how did a soft-spoken middle manager managed to become so important in such a short period of time to Google. Sundar Pichai took over the Chrome, Google Apps and Chrome businesses back in March 2013. Since that moment, Android grew very fast and got stronger and stronger. After these incredible results, Larry Page decided to promote Pichai as the head of almost everything that means Google’s services. 

With this important move, Larry Page declared that he will devote most of his time to special projects and businesses, such as Sergey Brin. Sundar Pichai will be in charge of Google Search, research, commerce, Google+, infrastructure and adverts. 

Under Sundar’s command, we had seen many interesting Android projects, such as Android Drive, Android Wear and Android. All these projects had been a great success for Android. Also, Android Lollipop is almost over and we are looking forward to see what big changes will be shown and what will be the impact on the market, with this new release. 

Still, one of Sundar’s greatest achievements was how he has persuaded manufacturers to keep Android versions up to date. With his new rule he managed to prevent lazy manufacturers from releasing a new device that is running a year-old version of Android. That means that if you buy a device that has just been released on the market, it should run a new version of Android. Also, Google’s other requirement was that every device software to be updated to the newest version within an eighteen month window release.

After his important achievements, the expectations are great and everyone expects to see what will Sundar Pichai do next. Of course, that development of Android will continue and Android Auto, Android TV and Android Wear are ongoing projects. Android Lollipop will be released and several manufacturers will adopt it, so it surely will become the new trend.  With these new responsibilities, will Sundar lose focus on the immediate Chrome, Google Apps and Android? Or will he have much stronger control and will he manage to provide the same level of focus and drive over Maps, commerce, Google+, infrastructures and adverts?

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