The Record Breaking One-Ton Bacon Cheeseburger

While incredibly unhealthy, the record breaking one-ton bacon cheeseburger is the ultimate food craze. At 2,014 pound and a 10-foot diameter, a Minnesota casino managed to enter the Guinness World Record book with a bacon cheeseburger that had to be lifted with a crane.

Sunday morning, the staff at the Black Bear Casino Resort near Carlton was busy cooking up a record one-ton cheeseburger. It took them 11 hours just to cook the patty and bake the bun. A crane was needed to flip the record one-ton bacon cheeseburger, while propane torches and 15-foot steel skillets were put in place for the feat.

In a nutshell, the Minnesota casino had a lot of work to do. The secret to the recipe of the record breaking Minnesota one-ton bacon cheeseburger? To begin with you will need a lot of space in your kitchen to store and then prepare 60 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of lettuce, 50 pounds of onion (sliced), 40 pounds of pickles and another 40 pounds of cheese.

Then everything had to be cooked. It took the chefs at the Minnesota casino four hours to cook the burger at 350 degrees. Another seven hours were dedicated to baking the bun. It was obviously an outdoor event. Twig Bakery provided the casino with propane torches and 15-foot steel skillets that were particularly put together to make sure the burger is cooked just the right way.

The Minnesota casino had a lot of help in preparing for its Big Burger Bash. The 60 pounds of bacon and all the condiments were a donation from Sysco, while the crane that flipped and moved the one-ton bacon cheeseburger was provided by Steve Kolb Construction.

By the end of a gruesome day for the chefs, the casino’s behemoth one-ton bacon cheeseburger received a worthy place in the Guinness World Record book. The record bacon cheeseburger was 2,014 pounds and 10 feet in diameter, leaving the former record holder behind at 881 pounds and 13 ounces.

Guiness adjudicator Philip Robertson told The Duluth News Tribune: “What I saw today was a feat of remarkable teamwork that resulted in a world record burger that actually tastes really good”.

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