The Reasons Google Glasses Will Fail

In what seems an idea removed from Sci-Fi movies, it seems that Google is planning to release digital glasses that will bring the internet a few centimeters away from your eyeballs. Exactly what makes Google think users will get into browsing the internet using Android based glasses is likewise Sci-Fi. But, before dismissing the idea, let’s at least pin point why Google Glasses will fail.

A few years ago, as the first hi-tech Sci-Fi movies began to entice users’ minds, digital glasses that will allow for watching TV and movies or browsing the internet without much effort seemed the gadget of the future. But, somehow, wearing augmented reality glasses doesn’t seem what consumers today have in mind when looking for functionality and hassle free entertainment options.

Basically, the Google augmented reality glasses feature high tech lenses that will operate on Android to bring you all sort of information. The gadget will be using a 3G or 4G connection to download all the necessary data and can be controlled by moving your head. Now, that will be a treat…

Although most reports say that these hi tech Google Glasses aren’t exactly designed to be used all day, there’s one question that comes about. Why would you even buy them if you can’t use them just as much as you use your smartphone or tablet for instance? To pay somewhere between $200 to $600 only to see what it feels to have Terminator or Robocop like technology isn’t exactly most consumers’ favorite way of spending hard earned money.

One essential aspect about these glasses is privacy. A lot of reports point out that with this gadget Google will finally be able to end its mission of knowing what its users are doing every single minute of the day. You read your emails on the tablet, see what’s new on Google+ using your smartphone and then put on the glasses for yet another digital experience.

For a lot of people Google Glasses could represent a nightmare come true. Remember that Google has several tools that can easily become annoying. Take for instance its Google Goggles app which if installed on Google Glasses will bring forward all sort of names and locations as soon as your device registers something already in the system.

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  1. I must say that this is a new technology and the beginning result will be somewhat of a new feeling for all of us. A while ago I had the same idea about glasses that could essentially give an augmented reality approach to lifestyles. Of course, I was thinking of actual glasses (prescription) but hey, you can’t get everything at once.

    Anyways, what I found to be a good approach is a combination of applications and touch devices (Iphone maybe?). There specifically is an app on the iOS App Store market called “Word Lens” which is capable of changing languages right before your eyes. Think, going to a foreign country and then suddenly no requirements to actually learn the language. Added, the Augmented Reality since you are going throughout real time can change accordingly to give directions to other places and even translate what another is saying right in front of your eyes with an integrated mic.

    I believe that this would be awesome, but we first must decide if we as a society is ready to make change.

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