The Paul Ryan Controversial Budget Cutting Proposal

Although it’s been out of focus in the media for some time now, the pressing matter of cutting the national debt and finding a budget plan that will address the matter remain urgent. Plus, such issues will get more focus as the November elections approach, so each party is trying to have its proposal approved. If the Paul Ryan controversial budget cutting proposal will be approved, Republicans are one step closer in getting that presidential bid.

With the November elections coming closer, Republicans are trying hard to make themselves noticed to the voters with policies that promise to make their life better. Economy plays a huge part this year and candidates must prove themselves able to handle it. The staggering debt will be Obama’s biggest vulnerability and Paul Ryan’s controversial budget cutting proposal got him a hero – like standing within the party.

House Republicans are trying to get Paul Ryan’s budget cutting proposal approved. The new debt cutting measure would slash taxes and spending, partially get Medicare privatized and create two income tax brackets. Democrats say the proposal would make life a lot harder for the elderly and the middle class, among others.

On Sunday, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan got the opportunity to defend his controversial budget cutting proposal on CBS’ “Face the nation”. Ryan argued that his proposal is what America needs to avoid an upcoming debt crisis. “We’re putting the budget on a path to balance and to pay the debt off. We want to avoid a debt crisis. The president’s budget brings us closer to a debt crisis” said the Republican.

For Paul Ryan his budget cutting proposal does more than clean the bill. He states that if his proposal becomes law the overall tax code will be cleaned of “all the special interest loopholes which are uniquely enjoyed by higher-income earners in exchange for lower rates for everyone”.

Furthermore, it seems that the overall attention he’s been getting lately and an upgraded status within the party has made Paul Ryan think he’d have a chance running for Vice President. Although he argued that at the moment he is completely focused on selling the debt cutting proposal to the Congress, if he was offered the chance he’d consider it.

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