The opening day of the Faculty of Engineering of Modena University

The anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering Modena will be inaugurated with a conference that wants to know the contribution it can make civil engineering in the preservation of architectural heritage, one of the new professionalism that is to train the university institution after the start fairly recent degree in Civil Engineering.
Now established as one of excellence in engineering for the mechanical, automotive, computing, electronics, robotics, telecommunications, new materials may from Modena has successfully launched two years (approximately 400 students members) the courses of Civil Engineering, completing an offer extensive education that is based on qualified research groups.
“The role of the engineer in the conservation of cultural heritage” is the theme of an afternoon seminar held Thursday, May 13, hosted by 15.00 in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Engineering Modena, realized with the contribution and support of the Association of Builders Modena, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena and Cooptip – Graphic Industries, which will act prof. Eng. Giorgio Macchi, Emeritus Professor of Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Pavia and member of the Academy of Sciences of Turin, the Gold Medal of the President for meritorious Culture, Science and Art.
The meeting will open with greetings by Dean of Engineering Joseph Cantore Modena, Aldo Tomasi the Chancellor, the Mayor of Modena Giorgio Pighi, President of the Province Emilio Sabattini, President of the Chamber of Commerce Maurice Torreggiani, President of Fondazione Cassa Savings Andrea Landi, president of the Builders Association of Modena Stefano Betti and Deputy Commander of the Military Academy of Modena in January of B.ta Alexander heals.
At the end of my colleagues at 17.30 to deliver Modena Engineering Emeritus Professor Gian Carlo Pellacani, first Dean of the Faculty, a plaque in recognition of the commitment spent on the birth and growth of the academic institution.
“The landscape of our – is to know the dean prof. Joseph Cantore – is wide and that meet the needs of an economy and the crisis over an area that wants to look ahead to challenge the present and imagine a better future. The goal, however ambitious, was reached with the completion of undergraduate courses and the acquisition of skills and expertise ranging from mechanics, particularly from automotive, computers, electronics, study materials to arrive to energy issues and environmental and civil engineering. I do not think is outside the territory, institutions, the productive forces that we are now configured as a large and widespread laboratory that will not stop with enthusiasm and wants to project to design a solid perspective and consistent with the vocations of the territory. So we have the knowledge of having made a huge project and they were able to put at the service of the territory and we have even more competition with enthusiasm to his innovation and supplying it with advanced skills and research and even more courageous with the sale of more than 4,800 new engineers, all highly trained. “

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