The One-Tap Pizza Delivery Refrigerator Magnet – Gadget Of The Future?

As technology becomes widely available, companies are trying to make customers more interested in their products. One company has made the first step into the market with a one-tap pizza delivery refrigerator magnet. The idea is simple and follows all the rules of previous technologies for personal use that made it into the house of billions of people. So, is the one-tap pizza delivery refrigerator magnet a gadget of the future?

Although ordering a pizza is without a doubt one of the fastest way of getting food on your table, one particular company has decided to make it even easier than using your smartphone or an online app. All you have to do is press a button, and voila, instant pizza delivery at your door.

The gadget we’re talking is in fact a refrigerator magnet shaped as a pizza box. The company that released it says it is basically aimed for its VIP customers. The Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai is the company that makes one-touch pizza delivery possible.

The gadget works by communicating with your smartphone’s Bluetooth to place the order. The information needed is filled out online and for those of you who normally order the same pizza the refrigerator pizza delivery magnet might be just the right answer. Plus, besides customizing the gadget to order a particular pizza you even have the option to have the pizza delivery company call your number to confirm the order. That is in case you’d be worried the button would be accidently pressed.

For the Red Tomato Pizza company in Dubai the gadget proved to be a sky rocketing success. If clients in Dubai want one too, they’re going to have to wait: “Due to the overwhelming response we’ve received, we regret to inform you that our first collection of magnets have already found homes across Dubai”.

We are excited to expect same gadgets in New York, customized for more than just pizza delivery. Just imagine, you’d be making your groceries shopping by pressing different magnets on your fridge shaped as fruits, vegetables, milk, juice and eggs. Maybe soon they’d even interact with bigger house appliances, for instance Samsung’ refrigerator that tweets or LG’s upcoming line of smart appliances that will help you stay in line with your diet and give you a heads up when you ran out of milk.

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