The Obamas On The Verge Of Divorce

Based on a recent report published by Huffington Post, the Obamas might be on the verge of getting a divorce. The rumor was spread by an unauthorized biography which claims that the presidential family has been dealing with various problems throughout the years.

A new unauthorized biography appeared on most library shelves on Tuesday. The book entitled “The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House” which was written by Edward Klein offers insights into the family life of Barack Obama. The author claims that the presidential couple is not as happy as they pretend to be because, in reality, the two have been on the verge of getting separated multiple times before.

Discussions started in 2000 when Michelle tried to convince Barack not to compete against Democratic congressman incumbent Bobby Rush for a seat in the Chicago House of Representatives. The outcome of the elections did not meet the President’s expectations as he lost the race by a 2-1 margin. Klein writes that Obama tried to find the comfort he needed to get over his defeat by spending more time with his wife, but their relationship was no longer the same.

The presidential spokesperson, Eric Schultz, released a statement shortly after the divorce rumors have started to spread. He told the press that the events mentioned in the book are not true. In fact, Schultz reassured everyone that the information presented in the biography is nothing but “reckless fabrication” meant to increase book sales. He then, added, that people “in their right minds” could not believe the respective “nonsense”.

Despite everyone’s attempts to prove that the presidential family is happily united, the public could not help remember the previous debates that have been made in relation to a possible presidential divorce. In 2010, the National Enquirer published an article saying that Michelle threatened to leave the President if he took part in the 2012 elections. Yet, the pair has dismantled all rumors as they continue to be together even though Obama announced his second candidacy. Michelle and Obama have been married for 20 years and they have two daughters, Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10.

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  1. There’s always a way around things like these. A divoce is only one of the solutions, NOT the only one. Good luck and God bless your marriage

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