The Obama Open Mic Incident Spurs Republican Comments

As there’s an increasing concern that the nuclear matter might get out of control, president Barack Obama is at the moment at a global nuclear security summit in Seoul. A private discussion caught by cameras and a live mic between Obama and the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev raised momentum for Republicans. The Obama open mic incident spurred Republican comments that Obama is giving into Russia’s nuclear security.

On Monday, at Seoul, global leaders took part in a nuclear security summit. During the prep work for interviews, Obama and Dmitry Medvedev engaged in a private discussion about Russia’s nuclear arm issues. The open mic caught clear statements of Obama’s statements as he told Medvedev he’d had more flexibility to handle the matter of the arms-control after the presidential elections. Medvedev said he’d pass the message to Vladimir Putin and support Obama.

“This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility” said Obama to Medvedev, in asking for some space in the missile defense issue.

Obama didn’t try to retrieve anything and told reporters: “I don’t think it’s any surprise that you can’t start that a few months before presidential and congressional elections in the United States and at a time when they just completed elections in Russia”.

However, for Republicans, the Obama open mic incident was a gift from gods. Mitt Romney did not lose the opportunity to slash out at the president and accuse him of “pulling his punches with the American people”. He added that the conversation caught by the open mic is “alarming” and “troubling”.

Mitt Romney was at an event on health care in southern California when he started to digress from the present matter to seize the opportunity and bad mouth Obama a bit. He said: “Now when the president of the United States is speaking with the leader of Russia saying he can be more flexible after the election, that is an alarming and troubling development”.

Press secretary Ben LaBolt for the president’s re-election campaign, reacted to Romney’s attempt to denigrate Obama: “Once again Governor Romney is undermining his credibility by distorting the President’s words”. LaBolt also stated that despite Romney’s rhetoric over “key foreign policy challenges” he came up “with no concrete plans to enhance our security or strengthen our alliances”.

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