The New York Giants pound the San Francisco 49ers

The New York Giants scored another victory on Sunday when they pounded the San Francisco 49ers, says Reuters. The National Football Conference championship game was won in overtime with a 20-17 score in favor of the Giants.

The last Super Bowl victory that the Giants won was four years ago when the team defeated the New England Patriots. Lawrence Tynes was the one who managed to score a 31-yard field during the Sunday game, thus managing to seal the victory.

The football player told reporters that he was very nervous before the game. As opposed to the previous Super Bowl games when he was very calm, this time Tynes was very anxious to get on the field. He told reporters that he felt he was going to play an important part in the game.

Back-up receiver Kyle Williams helped the New York team gain a decisive turnover in San Francisco territory by scoring a punt return. Giants coach Tom Coughlin was very pleased with Kyle’s performance that he continuously praised. He couldn’t believe the scheme that the players did at the end of the game. However, he admitted that both teams struggled to get the ball due to the powerful defensive strategies of both squads.

On February 5 the Giants will have to play against the American Football Conference champion Patriots in Indianapolis. The game will determine whether they will win the National Football League title or not.

The San Francisco performance was also very good despite the wet and windy weather in the Candlestick Park. Manning allowed the Giants to advance 51 yards in 10 plays. Tynes’ 31-yard field goal came right before the half-time, so Giants managed to edge ahead 10-7.
Manning was sacked six times and completed 32-of-58 passes for 316 yards and two touchdowns during the Sunday game. He told reporters that the team knew it was going to be a difficult match because the 49ers have a very good defense. He further stated that receivers remained tough throughout the entire Sunday game and they thus, managed to score a victory.

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