The new Wheel-controlled Samsung Gear S2

For Samsung, the smartwatch market could have not gotten any better because the South Korean company managed to beat the Apple Watch on a period of 18 months with its first 2013 model, called Galaxy Gear. However, Samsung has released five smartwatch models before the end of 2014 and now it seems that they have launched a new model, Gear S2.

This model will be their first of 2015. To be mentioned that this year, Apple has become the wearable market’s second most popular vendor. However, Samsung’s new model will confirm their first position, because this model will certainly be something big on the market.

The new Samsung Gear S2 comes with some significant changes, including an updated interface and an impressive battery that goes up to 3 days of use. Probably, the most attractive thing at this handset is the rotating bezel that will allow users to navigate through apps and menus. Every owner who is familiar with a traditional diving watch will be happy to find out that Samsung Gear S2 also has a spinning dial that surrounds the entire screen.

This rotating bezel is pretty comfortable and handier compared with the digital crown found on the Apple Watch. Moreover, Samsung’s updated interface was specially built to take advantage of this wheel, with menu items arranged in a circle around the edge of the display. It is pretty attractive, because users can spin the dial to move through selection. For example, if owners will use the Maps app they can spin the wheel to zoom in and out.

However, Samsung hasn’t released only one model of the Gear S2, but three models. Each of these models has slightly different designs and features. The first two models come in different styles but both are 11.4mm thick. The main model is called the Gear S2 and has a minimalist and modern bent, while the Gear S2 Classic features a black body and leather band. Moreover, the third model is a 3G-enabled version, meaning that it will be able to make calls without being tethered to a smartphone.

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