The new Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock

Now, the new Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock is perfect for sport enthusiasts. They can buy these two pairs that are coming packed with the necessary “anklet” and an app.

This is probably one of the greatest idea for fitness. This interesting system is great for tracking a very specific running behavior. These smart socks also promise to collect more specialized data about runs than all the fitness bands available on the market. Users can also use a metronome to keep pace and parse workouts by their shoe selection. 

To be mentioned that the clip-on anklet will probably make runners lopsided and there is even the chance to pop off while running. Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock comes at the price of 200 dollars and the package is composed by two sock pairs and the anklet.

This is the perfect device for a runner who wants to monitor his running and his walking. Moreover, customers could also buy two additional sock pairs at the price of 50 dollars. So, serious runners who have an unlimited budget can try these interesting socks, especially for the data-gathering. 

At first, users must make sure that the socks are used right, and the angle cuff and app are ready. To be mentioned that these socks are tall and for runners who barely use ankle socks, Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock could be quite uncomfortable. Users must search for the “LEFT” and “RIGHT” inscriptions, because it is very important for tracking the performance of each foot.

Next, they must know that each sock has three sensors located on the underside, one located near the heel and two situated on the ball of their foot. Moreover, the socks are fully antimicrobial and fully machine-washable. These socks are estimated to last more than 60 washes before the textile sensors deteriorate. 

Probably, the most interesting thing about these socks is the Bluetooth-connected anklet that is attached to the sock. It will not hurt the user’s ankle, but it does hug the curve of his skin. Moreover, for protecting the anklet and preventing it from popping of, the user must tuck down the sock over the device before they start to jog. 

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