The new Roku 4 comes with 4K videos

Apple TV should be aware, because a new streamer is available on the market, called Roku 4. The new Roku will probably be a candidate to the title of the best streamer that costs more than 100 dollars.

Roku is also known as a company that makes Smart TVs, streaming sticks and boxes, and now it has a new device that allow users to enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows and music. 

The new Roku 4 is available at the price of 129 dollars, and it is considered to be the company’s most expensive box. However, even if the price is a little bit high, this streamer is worth the money. 

For starters, Roku 4 comes with 4K video streaming capability, which is a huge step forward. Users can enjoy 4K movies, videos and TV shows available from providers like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and M-Go. Moreover, YouTube also promise better video quality than the current HD or 1080p streams. To enjoy the new Roku 4 and 4K videos, users will need a fast internet connection, a 4K TV and the most expensive subscription plan. 

Another interesting feature that Roku 4 has is a remote finder. With a simple press of a button from the unit, the remote beeps. It is a simple, but also a useful feature, especially for those who always forget where the remote is. 

Compared with the latest 99 dollars Roku 3, the new device comes with some new benefits, upgraded apps, an incredible search feature and a customized interface. To be mentioned that Roku will also release an update to its software, which will be available on all Roku devices. After updating the software, users will have a new feature that will let them know when new movies and TV shows are released. Moreover, Roku will also improve its mobile app for Android and iOS and it will add better “My Feeds” feature and many others.

Roku 4 comes with an HDMI 2.0 output, an optical digital audio output, an Ethernet port and the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Roku 4 is without a doubt a strong contender on the steamer market. 

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