The new Polaroid Cube+

In the last year, the Polaroid camera had a huge success on the market. This tiny camera got a lot of attention from customers due to its attractive design and interesting features. Customers who are in search of a tiny camera, will definitely be attracted by the Cube camera that costs approximately 100 dollars and has waterproof features. 

Moreover, this previous Polaroid Cube camera had many other interesting attractions, besides being a camera with a power/record button situated on top and a magnet located on the bottom for hands-free shooting.

But, unfortunately, being so little, there is no room for a screen. There are many other cameras that are coming with a Wi-Fi feature that can be connected to an Android or iOS device, transforming the tablet or phone into a viewfinder. Sadly, the Cube doesn’t come with such a feature. Well, that’s why the company has released the new Polaroid Cube+. 

This new tiny camera has a built-in Wi-Fi and some other changes compared with the original model. This includes more recording capabilities, for example slow-motion video and time-lapse. This feature has been integrated in the new camera without some significant changes to its design. Moreover, there is not a huge difference when it comes to price, either. The new Polaroid Cube+ is available at the price of $150.

So, without a doubt, customers will probably prefer to spend an extra 50 dollars and have a Polaroid Cube that also has Wi-Fi and improved shooting features. As for the video quality, customers who are extremely interested in this feature will probably prefer the famous GoPro Hero4 Session. That camera also costs an extra 50 dollars. So, for 200 dollars, the GoPro Hero4 Session has a similar design as Polaroid Cube+, but it is fully waterproof down to approximately 33 feet and has a better video quality.

However, this doesn’t mean that Polaroid Cube+ is a bad product. No, this tiny camera is affordable and has a good video quality and with the new Wi-Fi feature, customers will definitely be interested. To be added that this camera also has a microSDHC card slot that can go up to 128GB cards.

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