The new People Power Presence Security Pack

Using the People Power’s free Presence app is relatively simple and probably many people used it back in November 2014, when it came out. As a quick explanation, users must have two devices, let’s say an old phone with a camera on it, and place it where they want to receive images.

Then, they need to use their current everyday phone that can work on both iOS and Android, and remotely monitor that video stream. To be added that users could also track motion-related events, store saved clips in the app and offer live video footage. This free app was very handy especially if users wanted to have a DIY security camera with a device that they already had at home.

However, these days that same company released a security pack that includes seven smart sensors and wireless hub to connect them all together. The new People Power Presence Security Pack is available at the price of 299 dollars. To be mentioned that the hub needs to be wired into the home network because the sensors and the hub use ZigBee wireless.

Moreover, the sensors and hub work very well, but people could probably consider that the pack is a little expensive. So, customers could consider that this is an expensive investment knowing that the company has a free app that it needs only an old tablet, smartphone or handhelds that could be found around each home. 

Although, the sensors are pretty good and recommendable, with a quick online search customers could probably find some cheaper alternatives. However, for 299 dollars users will find in a box a motion sensor, three door/windows sensors, a touch/tamper sensor, a temperature sensor, a hub to connect them all together and a water sensor.

One of the best things about these sensors is that they are pretty small, so users will not have to deal with the problem of where to place them without being spotted out. The hub features an Ethernet cable for quick access to the local network and a power adapter. The installation is pretty simple after downloading the Presence app on the iOS or Android device.

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