The new Pebble Time Round will be available in November

This is without a doubt a premier for Pebble. The company that had a huge success on the smartwatch market during 2013 has already released two new watches in a short period of time this year. Now, here comes a new one. This time the smartwatch comes with a round design and it is thin and small, too. 

So, after Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, the company has released Pebble Time Round, an incredible smartwatch that comes with the thinnest screen on the market. To be added that Pebble watches had evolving designs, and now, all of them are running the exact same software. 

As it was earlier mentioned, the new Pebble Time Round will be released in November, but customers could pre-order it from Pebble, Amazon and Best Buy. This new wearable comes at the price of 250 dollars, which is the same price as the Pebble Time Steel. 

Its design and the round display are the first significant changes that pop up into eye, but the company has also made some changes under the hood. This new watch comes with the same three buttons located on the right and on the left, but they are placed differently. Even if it doesn’t feel as being a smartwatch, the new Pebble Time Round has some interesting apps. 

Pebble Time Round comes with the new round color “e-paper” display and it is bordered by a large round bezel. If you are asking yourself why Pebble released a round display smartwatch, CEO Eric Migicovsky has the answer. “We think it actually attracts a fairly different eye,” he said. “It has the same features, pretty much, as Pebble Time: color e-paper screen, microphone for voice responses,” Migicovsky added.

The new Pebble Time Round runs the same OS that is also found on other Pebble watches, but it conforms to the round display. However, some apps and watch faces will be updated to work on this new watch. Sadly, the minus to have a round watch is the battery life. The battery found on the new Pebble Time Round will last approximately two days, compared with seven days at previous Pebbles. 

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