The new Oxo Barista Brain

The new Oxo Barista Brain is an interesting coffee maker, which not only makes good coffee, but it also offers a larger variety of water heating and brewing options. The new coffee maker from Oxo is available at the price of 300 dollars and has the mission to offer a delicious cup of coffee every day. 

Besides this, the new Oxo Barista Brain is intelligent enough to tell it to serve small ports or to make a whole 12-ounce pot of coffee. However, this coffee maker also functions as an electric kettle with precise temperature control, meaning that it is perfect for tea drinkers, as well.

Well, at the price of 300 dollars, this new coffee maker seems to be pretty expensive compared with other coffee makers on the market. Therefore, the new Oxo Barista Brain offers some extra features that are pretty useful in the kitchen.

So, users can get plenty of hot beverage-related utility at this price, but unfortunately it has some flaws, too. The main minus for the new Oxo Barista Brain is that it lasts longer than any other traditional coffee maker to make a full pot.

As for design, the new Oxo Barista Brain comes with an incredible look, being a unique appliance. This coffee maker is 15.9 inches tall, 14.7 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep. So, this means that Oxo Barista Brain is absolutely massive, compared with other large coffee makers on the market. However, Oxo has done a great job disguising its large footprint. Unlike many other larger coffee makers on the market, which are coming with a massive plastic and blocky construction, the new Oxo Barista Brain is pretty decent and nice.

So, as for controls, users should read the manual at first. Why? Because even if the coffee maker comes with just one physical interface, the control handles numerous functions. So, before using for the first time the Barista Brain, users should calibrate the scale embedded inside its kettle pedestal. However, after reading the manual and figuring out all the functions, the new Oxo Barista Brain is an incredible coffee maker that will make a delicious cup of coffee every morning.

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