The new Ninja Coffee Bar

We all know the Ninja brand for its kitchen blenders, the popular company offering these products at a relatively low price. Well, it seems now that they are hopping to apply this strategy on coffee machines, too. These days, Ninja released the Ninja Coffee Bar at the price of 140 dollars.

With this price, it seems that they stick to their strategy and they are attacking the coffee machine market. However, the new Ninja Coffee Bar comes with some interesting features and offers flexibility in handling the coffee machine. 

However, at this price range, this machine also has some flaws. The Ninja Coffee Bar is built from lightweight plastic that feels pretty cheap. But, this doesn’t stop Ninja from offering a good cup of coffee. Moreover, this machine can make a large variety of brewing styles, making it a tough competitor on the market. 

Back to its design, the new Ninja Coffee Bar is built from black plastic festooned with ridges and highlights stamped in thin stainless steel. Compared with other brewers, this machine also looks a little bit large and clunky.

To be added that the coffee machine market is now attacked by beautiful hand-built machines, featuring wood, metal or blown glass material, offering a timeless durability. Well, the Ninja doesn’t offer such kind of design and materials. However, customers should not forget its 140 dollars price, compared with other 500 dollar machines. 

Ninja Coffee Bar is 14.75 inches tall, 8.75 inches deep and 9.5 inches wide, making it a large coffee machine that will certainly occupy a lot of space in the kitchen. On the left side of the machine, users will find a big filter basket which can be used with standard No.4 cone paper filters and bellow there is a glass carafe that sits on a circular hot plate. On the right side, there is a cylindrical water tank made from clear plastic, which is removable.

Underneath the tank, users will find a large control panel, which is used to operate programmable brewing functions. Ninja Coffee Bar will be very attractive for customers who are seeking for a coffee machine that offers a large variety of brewing modes.

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