The New Nest Protect

Nest Labs has done it again and came up with a new smoke and carbon monoxide detector, named Nest Protect. Nest does not step back from a challenge and managed to transform something boring into a smart and beautiful device that will go with any decoration in any house.

Sadly, compared with the previous version, the new Nest Protect doesn’t come with the “Wave” feature that allowed users to turn off the alarm with a hand gesture. However, this second-generation Nest is more beautiful and is significant smarter and sleeker than the previous version.

Nest Protect has a slimmer profile and comes with a new in-app “silence” button that allows users to turn CO and smoke alarms remotely. This detector is available at the price of 99 dollars and is probably the best on the market. 

Even if many consumers have the traditional 25 dollars white plastic detector, this new Nest Protect will stand out due to its beautiful design and many other features. The first thing that will put Protect on the podium is its mobile app. Users will have the chance to control Nest Protect via their mobile device or directly from their account on the Nest Web page.

This detector comes with a black or white finish, a stainless-steel mesh cover and rounded edges. Probably, consumers will not install Nest Protect in their house just to admire its design, but when they will see it, they will surely appreciate its look.

Moreover, Nest has a ring of colorful LEDs that surround the central on-off button, which has the function to alert people on its current status. The LED goes green when everything is in order, blue during testing mode and setup, yellow/orange when there’s potential CO and smoke emergency, red when there’s real CO and smoke danger. White is an optional nightlight. 

However, Nest Protect can be used even if users do not have Wi-Fi. This means that the detector will issue a loud warning if it detects CO and smoke increasing levels. Moreover, the detector will say “Heads up. There’s smoke/CO” and “Emergency, smoke/CO detected.”

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