The new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle

What can be even better than a cup of coffee? Well, a nice cup of tea. So, the new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle is recommended for tea fans. Making a cup of tea is not as easy as everyone thinks. Users must set the water temperature depending on what leaf they are using. 

The new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle knows all these things and comes equipped with intelligent modes for preparing a larger variety of tea. This new machine is available at the price of 100 dollars and can pull out some interesting tricks.

So, why is the new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle so special? For starters, it comes with an integrated metal infuser basket for loose leaf teas and a steep timer. These two components help the machine to be a very user-friendly device. The new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle is probably better than Oxo Barista Brain 12-cup Brewing system that costs approximately 300 dollars. 

However, tea fans who are in search of a serious tea brewing technology will probably choose the Breville Tea Maker that costs 250 dollars. Breville Team Maker is a fancy team machine that comes with some interesting features, like adjustable water temperature and motorized steeping action.

Returning back to Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle, this tea maker is quite compact and measures 10.1 inches tall, 7.8 inches deep and 6.8 inches wide. This means that it is not so big and users can easily find a spot in their kitchen where to put it. Its construction is very simple and comes with just two main parts. 

The first part is the flat base and the second one is the electric kettle which is located on top of it. The glass container is not so big and comes with a maximum recommended water capacity of approximately 8 cups. 

The new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle is pretty easy to use. Users just have to fill the glass kettle with cold water and decide which tea leaf they want to brew. For example, if they are in the mood for a green tea, they just have to press the labelled button. There are also labelled buttons for black tea and white tea. 

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