The new Microsoft Windows 10

After long waiting, Microsoft Windows 10 is finally here. Of course, everyone is very curious how the new operating system works, how it looks and how fast it moves. Well, the new Microsoft Windows 10 is probably the perfect product because the company has kept what is good from both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

To be mentioned that the new operating system is available as a free upgrade for existing Windows 7 and Windows 8 non-corporate users. This means that everyone will have the chance to try the new Windows.

Microsoft Windows 10 was built from the ground and is a mission that the company has tried to accomplish because they wanted to unify all their devices under one single OS. This was a great move for Microsoft and this was probably the perfect way for them to reenter the battle with Apple and Google.

Now, every person that uses Microsoft’s products will be under one single operating system, Windows 10. This Windows version is filled with fresh features, including fast Internet Explorer, known as Edge, Microsoft’s voice-controlled virtual assistant, Cortana and many others. Moreover, to be mentioned that users will have the ability to stream real-time games to their desktop from an Xbox One.

Microsoft Windows 10 looks like being the end of an interesting, long and full of changes road. Starting with the Windows 8, released in 2012, the famous company has tried to convince its users that the era of the keyboard and mouse is over and they need to move to the touchscreen world. Well, the touchscreen world is here and devices like convertible tablets and hybrid-laptops are perfect for experiencing the new operating system.

However, this doesn’t mean that users will not be able to use the keyboard and mouse, because Windows 10 is also a welcomed return to form. Another incredible news is that the Start menu has returned, after it was shockingly removed from Windows 8. Moreover, live tiles are still here and they were attached to the Start Menu.

There are a lot of new features on Windows 10 and users will have the chance to experience them immediately. It is yet to find out if this new operating system is the perfect one and if it was worth the wait.

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