The new Marantz NR1506

Throughout the years, all the devices we know have suffered a few significant changes. For example, smartphones went from heavy and big devices to touchscreen and slim devices, while laptops have suffered the same treatment.

However, TVs went from incredible huge boxes to giant wall-mounted flat panels. Unfortunately, we can’t say anything about AV receivers, because they went from huge giant black boxes to nothing, as they are actually still the same. These receivers also work exactly the same, with a few tweaks though. 

For example, Marantz is producing the same old black rectangular receivers. However, they have an excuse, because they are trying to offer a nice retro stereo look. The new Marantz NR1506 is coming with a slimline design that the company has released a few years ago, but with a few changes. This 2015 model has the same functionality as last year’s model, offering all the functionality of a large home theater receiver in a more compact housing. AV receiver’s functionality has evolved in the past decade, because this box is the nerve center of a home theater, handling source switching from Blu-ray player, to cable box or game console.

Moreover, this receiver delivers the surround sound and stereo amplification, and more important, is streaming audio from famous services like Spotify. To be mentioned that users could also listen to music via Bluetooth from their tablets or smartphones. That being said, Marantz NR1506 is available at the price of 500 dollars, meaning that it has a slightly cut-down price, compared with last year’s model that costs 700 dollars. As for design, this receiver features an aluminum front panel with rounded edges, making it one of the best looking receivers on the market. 

The remote control also looks very nice, being similar with other Marantz remotes. All the functions are easily accessible and the buttons are very responsive. However, the most significant features that are found on Marantz NR1506 are the Bluetooth connectivity, a font-mounted USB port that allows users to play music files from their flash drive and Wi-Fi. Moreover, this receiver supports next-gen video standards, homing six HDMI Inputs with HDMI 2.0a compatibility. Marantz NR1506 also has HDCP 2.2 for playback of 4K media.

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